Rummy is a game that is based on skill, not on luck. We have witnessed the growing popularity of Rummy games in the past few years. To make rummy games more interesting, certain gaming apps started offering various cash prizes for those who are pros at rummy.

Apps like rummy glee offer a platform to play rummy games online and win cash prizes. It is very easy to install the app on your smartphone and start enjoying rummy games.

If you also want to win various cash prizes then you must know some secret tips. Let us discuss what are the various tips and tricks that will help you become a pro at Rummy!

Tips and tricks for Rummy

Know the basic rules

One of the most important tips, before you start playing rummy, is that you must learn all the rules and concepts of a rummy game. This step is an important step that you should not skip to avoid any further misunderstanding regarding the game.

Arrange your cards as soon as you get them

Once you have your cards in your hand you must arrange them in order. It will help you learn your cards. By arranging your cards properly, you would be able to plan your strategies as well like what card you should discard and what you should hold onto.

Focus on pure sequence

As we all know that a rummy game is all about forming sequences. Whenever you are playing against someone, it is important to focus on forming a pure sequence instead of an impure sequence. Also as per the rules of Indian rummy, you have to create at least one pure sequence (without a joker) to declare yourself a winner.

Do not forget to use a joker card

Joker cards can become a game changer card when used properly and at the perfect time. Joker cards can be used to complete a sequence in case of a missing card. This sequence is known as an impure sequence.

Hold onto middle-value cards

One of the tricks that you can always try is to hold cards which are middle-value cards ( 5, 6, 7). The reason behind holding middle-value cards is that there are higher chances of possible combinations as compared to high-value cards.

Try to trick your opponent

It is important to understand that your opponent may predict your next move if you are not playing sincerely. Whenever you are competing against someone trying to trick them. Do not let them know what move you are planning next and what cards you might have.


According to the quote, practice makes the man perfect, you can also become a perfect rummy player if you practice enough. You can practice rummy games on various apps for free. This will help you learn more strategies, plan your moves, new tricks, and many more things that will help you while competing against real players.

Never quit

If you are playing rummy for money then do not quit the game before it ends. Even if you think you will lose, try your best to change your defeat into a victory. This will help you learn from your mistakes and you will also learn how to win a game even in an odd situation.

Once you have understood the secret tips that help play rummy games, it is time to choose the perfect platform to play rummy games on.  GetMega is an online gaming platform that offers classic card games like Rummy and Poker. It is one of the trusted and secure platforms where you can earn real cash prizes by playing card games

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