If you haven’t tried playing the famous United States Mega Millions 5/70 lottery yet, you are in for a colossal treat! This mega-big and mega-popular lottery with top prizes worth millions of rands features two weekly drawings that take place every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 05:45 SAST. If you have ever wanted to play a lottery that can make you insanely rich within the span of a single day, the US Mega Millions 5/70 is one such game!

What are the rules of the Mega Millions lottery?

The United States Mega Millions lottery has a double-matrix format, meaning there are two pools of balls involved. The regular pool plays with a set of 70 balls, and the bonus set consists of just 25 – the player is required to pick 5 and 1 balls, accordingly. The bettor to correctly match all their 5+1 numbers with those drawn randomly in the game wins a considerable cash reward. 

Since South African players cannot participate in this US-based lottery directly, they have to bet on the Mega Millions Lucky Numbers instead, using various trusted online services like YesPlay. The upside is that they can pick as many numbers as what suits their needs and budget best. When playing lotteries via YesPlay, gamblers can enjoy a much broader scope of wager options, including side bets on Unlucky numbers, Numbers + bonus ball, Odd/Even balls, and more. To become a winner and qualify for a prize, YesPlay bettors need to have all of their selected numbers match the ones drawn in the game.

Where to check the latest Mega Millions results?

YesPlay is the most renowned and trustworthy online betting website in South Africa that works 24/7 to provide users with access to hundreds of the world’s most celebrated lotteries. The platform is equipped with all tools and features necessary to offer players an excellent digital betting experience that anyone can enjoy from the cozy comfort and safety of their own home.

Apart from being a secure and convenient place to wager where all lottery lovers from South Africa can easily find a game to their taste and skill level, YesPlay is a helpful online resource for gamblers who like to analyze game-related statistics from previous draws and use these to benefit their betting strategies. The platform publishes the latest mega millions results immediately after the drawings conclude on a Wednesday and Saturday morning and accumulates historical winning numbers, Hot/Cold numbers, and other data from previous draws to help bettors make vital game decisions on the fly. 

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Monday, Jul 22, 2024