Aside from Singapore pools football odds and fixtures, parlay bet is one of the many known ways of sports gambling is parlay bet. This method is where a bettor makes two or more bets and combines them into one chance. It is a tricky procedure because once any of the parlays loses, the entire bet also fails to win. Its vast risk is the reason why few gamblers take part in it. However, once an individual master the right picks, they will get a 150/1 affluent return. Despite being difficult, it is the most fulfilling gambling game among the others. 

Throughout the history of sports betting, several people have experienced the most significant parlay bet victories.

Fred Craggs, a fertilizer salesperson who lives in Thirsk, New Yorkshire, is one of them. He is a horse racing bettor who won $1,258,288 or €1 million through parlay. He only places small bets as a hobby. After setting down a gamble in February 2008, Craggs became the 2008’s biggest horse racing winner. It was the largest parlay payout in his life—thanks to him following his instinct.

Next in line was Steve Whiteley, who brought home the bacon worth €1,445,671.71. He was an engineer who lived in North Tawton. Whiteley visited an Exeter racecourse and bet on the Tote Jackpot to predict six winners on a card to win the jackpot. Eng. Steve Whiteley chose:

  1. Semi Colon (2-1)
  2. Black Phantom (12-1)
  3. Ammunition (16-1)
  4. Mr. Bennet (16-1)
  5. Lundy Sky (5-1)
  6. Lupita (12-1)

It was a stroke of incredible luck because Lupita never won a single race in its last 26 and its jockey, Jessica Lodge. Fortunately, Steve’s prediction got right during that time and brought home the biggest smile he ever had in his life.

The sports betting industry is a successful variety in gambling. Numerous people love it because of the fun it brings. Plus, wagering increases its entertainment value.

If you are thinking about starting your journey in sports gambling with parlay wins, see the infographic below brought to you by the well-known online casino games Malaysia company, CM2BET, as they share how some of the most triumphant parlay bettors won:

Biggest Parlay Bet Wins in History

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